Its no secret that most people in America feel that they look better and feel better when they have “a little color”!

Save face and invest in the beauty of your first impression… Which just happens to be your largest Organ.. That’s right.. Its your skin!

I know people are saying… OK… but I need color?

Look, its your body and you can do what you want to, but did you know that that the most common place for a women to develop melanoma is on their lower legs? So my personal choice is self-tanners with SPF… Shocker! I’m not willing to risk my life for a pair of shorts or my bathing suit!

If you are close enough to see the yellow tinge around my ankles, knees and elbows than take a step back and you will never see it!

So, if the word MELANOMA isn’t enough to scare you than how about the word WRINKLES?

Great SPFIt’s crazy to think that some people are more scared by the word wrinkles than melanoma, but trust me… some people are! So I have you covered ( for about 2 hours) with the most amazing UV Protection for the face! (If you have the money spread it everywhere!) But trust me you really want to splurge when it comes to your face! Obagi’s Sun Sheild SPF 50 not only protects you from the sun but it actually reflects the sun! It is also a Broad Spectrum SPF which means it covers you from UVA and UVB rays (UVA= aging and UVB= burning).

Yes you heard me right… SPF 50 only has you covered for 2 hours!! That’s why I recommend a loose powder UV Protection for reapplication over make up through out the day!

Such as a loose powder with an SPF 30 or higher! There are several companies such a Bare Minerals and Color Science that offer this product.

Also, lets get real about how much sunscreen is actually needed! 1 teaspoon for your face and neck! Don’t skip your neck and a shot glass for you entire body! I always hear the same excuse… I only get sun to get in and out of my car for work. Do I really need all this SPF?

YES… Unless you want to look like a raisin or dried apricot (or dried fruit of your choice!). Lets just say that you spend 30 minutes a day driving to and from work 5 days a week. In a year you will have spent aprox. 7,800 minutes in the sun (I’m too lazy to calculate).

truckerIf all my jibber jabber about SPF isn’t enough, I hope this picture speaks louder than I ever could!

The left side of the face always has more sun damage because of driving !

Enough talking about it ….

Go Get Yourself a Good UV Protection!

Ginger Francis, Aesthetician