The health and beauty of your skin are our top priorities at Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute. Our select line of facials utilize the highest quality ingredients in skin care to produce safe and beautiful results for all skin types. Because every person’s skin is unique, we customize our facials to match each person’s unique skin type and needs.

Whether your facial is a one-time reward for yourself or part of a larger skin rejuvenation treatment plan, we want your time with us to be both successful and worthwhile. Prior to your facial, our expert team will conduct an in-depth skin analysis to determine your needs. We will also ask you about your desired results. Using this information, we will tailor your treatment to match your skin care goals. We will also give you tips to practice at home for longer-lasting results.

Anti-aging Facial

This popular facial combats signs of aging on multiple fronts. It incorporates cleansing, brightening, hydrating and skin resurfacing techniques to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and loss of skin tone. Our anti-aging facial uses a custom blend of revitalizing and nourishing extractions, vitamins and anti-aging properties.

Brightening Facial

Designed to minimize the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, our brightening facial includes an exfoliating chemical peel and cooling mask. The result is a more even and radiant skin tone.

Acne Facial

Our acne facial uses a blend of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to treat acne prone and oily skin. It includes exfoliation and a soothing mask to keep the skin’s pores open and clear. Not only will you experience fewer breakouts, you will also enjoy healthier and smoother skin in the long run.

Sensitive Skin Facial

Red, itchy and burning skin is relieved with this blend of hydrating and nourishing properties. Our sensitive skin facial uses naturally derived extracts and vitamins to strengthen the skin and prevent flare-ups.

Relaxing Facial

Our relaxing facial allows you to melt away stress while revitalizing your skin in the process. It begins with an oxygenating facial to soothe the skin and it ends with a face, neck, décolleté, scalp, shoulder, arm and hand massage for a well-rounded, calming effect.

Massage Services (90 Minutes)

Many of our guests like to pair their facials with a revitalizing massage. Our 90 minute massages are designed to deliver optimal results for your health and wellness. Among our services are upper body, lower body and foot massage options.

Learn More about Our Skin Care Services

Whether you seek to maintain or repair your skin, we can help. Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute are the skin care experts that Panama City Beach residents trust for glowing, healthy and beautiful skin. We have helped hundreds of patients reclaim their confidence in their skin and themselves with surgical and non-surgical skin rejuvenation solutions. To book a facial or skin care consultation, please contact us by calling (850) 233-7674 today.