By now I am sure most everyone has heard about Latisse… Right?

Well, Latisse is an amazing product that was found by accident by patients that were having pressure issues of their eyes. Doctors noticed that patients that were prescribed Bimatroprast to control glaucoma or ocular hypertension were constantly complaining that their lashes were growing out of control and were actually hitting their eye glasses. This led to the company Allergan (makers of Botox) to start clinical trials for a medication that actually grows thicker, fuller and longer lashes. Well, the studies were right on the money! So they took the same product and gave it a new name (Latisse). This is where a lot of confusion comes in.

With Bimatroprast patients are using it as an eye drop and with Latisse patients are using it as a topical.

The confusion is really to do with the side effects. Even though the medications are used to treat different issues the same side effects apply to both medications. People seem to get concerned about Latisse because they are worried about iris pigmentation, which is understandable. However this has not been seen in case studies of Latisse. This is a typical side effect of Bimatoprost mostly to do with the fact that it is actually dropped into the eye. Latisse is brushed along the upper eyelash line and should not get into your eyes. I have heard some people tell me that they have noticed a darkening of the eyelid where they apply the Latisse. I personally have never had a patient complain about this but when I mention it in consults most patients are not concerned because for the most part they would never leave the house without eye shadow. The most common sid effects that patients can experience is a little eye irritation. This can be calmed with a lubricating eye drop. However, if you use your product sparingly you can avoid this issue all together!

So, why bother with pesky Eyelash extensions when you can grow your own thicker, longer and fuller lashes?

Ginger Francis

Medical Aesthetician