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GoogleGoogle has a customer rating system as well as written reviews. View Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute’s Google+ Local profile separately to read reviews from several of their patients. If you’d like to write your own review, please note that you will need a Google+ account. Google+ accounts are free and easy to create; the steps are provided when you log in to draft a review.

Yelp.comYelp is a great place to share your opinion and read the opinions of others, for everything local. Using Yelp’s 1-5 rating system, you can compose a short review of your experience with Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute. Click on the Yelp icon to go directly to this profile, and then click on “Write a Review,” in the lower right corner of the profile. Note: You’ll need a free Yelp account to write your review. is a free doctor review site that allows you to share and read reviews on Dr. McAllister. If you’re a current patient of either of these doctors, you can rate them based on factors such as ease of appointment, promptness, bedside manner and follow-up care. is another valuable resource which uses a five-point rating system to assess Dr. Andrew McAllister on his punctuality, helpfulness, knowledge and staff. Browse both doctors’ profiles on the site to learn more about them and the services they provide.


healthgradesHealthgrades is a Web portal designed to help consumers make educated choices about their healthcare providers. You can browse Dr. McAllister’s profile to learn more about his background, education and training; then, you can get feedback on how satisfied his patients were with his services. If you would like to leave your own feedback, please click on the “Patient Satisfaction” tab, and then “Take the Survey.”

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