Want to get facelift surgery in Panama City? Even the most beautiful of faces is no match for the ravages of aging, sun damage, weight changes and other factors that lead to wrinkled, sagging facial skin. If you are tired of looking tired, or wish to see the smoother-looking face of younger years once more, then facelift surgery may be just what you need to get your youthful appearance back. In fact, most facelift patients find that they look several years older due to the noticeable, yet natural-looking results they get from surgery.

Facelift surgery not only smoothes wrinkled skin, but also gives the entire face a subtle lift that will make people wonder how you all of a sudden look so much younger and well-rested. Gone are the days of the overdone, plastic-looking facelift results; the latest surgical techniques and careful methods used by Dr. McAllister can give you the natural-looking results you desire.

Would You Benefit from Facelift Surgery?

Maybe you’ve been considering having facelift surgery* for some time, but wonder if it can help you to achieve the look you’re after. You may be considered a good candidate for surgery if you have one of the following problems that you’d like to address:

  • Appearing older or more tired than you are
  • Jowls or loose, sagging skin in your mid-face area
  • Loose, hanging skin on your neck (often called “turkey neck”)
  • Nasolabial lines (lines around the nose and mouth)

*Prior to having facelift surgery, talk to Dr. McAllister about the medications and vitamins you are taking. Certain medications that increase the risk of bleeding such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (e.g., ibuprofen) and some vitamins/homeopathic regimens should be discontinued prior to any elective surgery. Also, if you are a smoker, it is recommended that you stop smoking well in advance of the surgery, as smoking can affect your body’s ability to heal.

How is Facelift Surgery Performed?

Dr. McAllister may use various methods, based on your needs, for your facelift procedure. He will discuss these methods with you during your pre-surgery consultation so that you know what to expect during surgery.

In general, the facelift procedure involves a series of small incisions made around the hairline, in front of and behind the ear. From these incision points, the deeper layers of the facial skin and tissue are lifted. At times, liposuction is also performed (usually to remove excess fat from jowls or the neck area). Underlying facial muscles may also be tightened at this time. Any excess skin is trimmed, with the remaining skin being redraped over the face.

What Will the Facelift Recovery Period Be Like?

For the first one to two weeks after your surgery, you can expect some swelling and bruising on the face and neck area. Dr. McAllister will place soft surgical bandages around your face in order to provide protection to the incisions and help alleviate any swelling. It is also recommended that you sleep with your head and upper body elevated with pillows in order to help the swelling go down.

To ensure a healthy recovery, it is important to refrain from smoking during this period, since smoking adversely affects your body’s ability to heal itself. Exercise should also be avoided for the first two weeks after having facelift surgery. You will able to return to work within one or two weeks of your surgery.

Get a Younger, Smoother Face with Facelift Surgery

Are you ready to smile more when you look in the mirror — and see a younger you stare back at you? The benefits of facelift surgery include looking like the younger version of yourself all over again, as the results are natural-looking and yet noticeable enough to shave years off of your facial appearance. Schedule your facelift consultation with Dr. McAllister today by calling Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute at 850-233-7674.