Want to get a Brazilian wax in Panama City Beach? Whether you are lounging poolside or sun tanning at the beach, smooth, hairless skin is a necessity in Panama City. At Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute, Brazilian waxing is one of our most popular treatments among women who want to feel more confident in their bikinis. We also offer Brazilian Waxing for men. Our esteemed Cosmetologist is expertly trained and utilizes the most effective waxing practices to ensure your complete safety and comfort.

Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute is committed to your complete satisfaction. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect before and after your Brazilian wax.

Preparing for Your Wax

For best results, your hair should be at least a quarter inch in length (approximately the length of a rice grain). If this your first time waxing, we recommend you don’t shave for at least two weeks before your appointment. You are free to shower before your session, but it is not required. We do ask that you do not apply lotions or creams in the treatment area the day of your appointment.

What to Expect After Your Wax

Immediately after your waxing session, you may experience some redness and swelling in the treatment area. This is normal and should disappear a few days after your session. Because your skin will be sensitive, you should avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours after waxing.

Because hair grows in cycles, repeat sessions are recommended for longer-lasting results. Most women schedule sessions three to four weeks apart, depending on how fast their hair grows. We recommend that you do not shave in between waxing. Shaving in between sessions can make you susceptible to itchiness and ingrown hairs. Our Cosmetologist can recommend the right products to keep your skin smooth and comfortable in between and after your waxing sessions.

Learn More about Our MedSpa Services

Our premier Panama Beach City medspa is the trusted choice for men and women who seek to enhance their look. To learn more about Brazilian waxing or other waxing services we offer, please schedule an appointment. Call Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute at (850) 233-7674.