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Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute is proud to announce the addition of UltraShape to our practice. For many people who have stubborn deposits of fat in the abdominal area, but don’t wish to undergo a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck, UltraShape has been shown to decrease fat in these areas, painlessly with no downtime, no anesthesia and no surgery.

What is UltraShape?

UltraShape is a technology that uses ultrasound to target and destroy fat cells under the skin. It does this by sending an ultrasound pulse through the skin to a precise area a little over half an inch below the skin. This pulse causes the fat cells to rupture and be destroyed, with the contents of the cells absorbed and removed from your body.

A series of these pulses delivered over the target zone is considered an UltraShape treatment. Patients require a series of three treatments spaced every two to three weeks apart. You can return to full activity immediately after each treatment. You will be asked to abstain from alcohol and maintain a low-fat diet for the first 48 hours after each treatment to aid your body in the elimination of the destroyed fat cells.

Is UltraShape safe?

The Ultrashape technology has been available in Europe and Canada for over 10 years, with an excellent track record and many medical studies to confirm its safety and effectiveness. UltraShape Version 3 was recently approved in the United States and represents the latest technology for the elimination of abdominal fat.

Am I a candidate for UltraShape?

Can you pinch an inch? Patients have to have sufficient abdominal fat to be able to be treated with UltraShape. However, patients with excessive fat and a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30 may not be good candidates. Other factors such as excessively loose skin or implanted surgical mesh may affect your ability to have UltraShape. During your consultation we can help you make a determination as to how successful your treatments can be.

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What makes UltraShape different from other non-surgical fat reduction treatments?

Unlike other non-surgical fat reduction procedures, UltraShape does not use heat or freezing technology to destroy fat. Thanks to the gentle nature of treatment, patients do not feel discomfort nor do they see visible signs of treatment. Results with UltraShape also tend to become visible sooner than with other treatments (typically as early as two weeks).

What happens during treatment?

To begin, a soothing gel will be applied on the skin to ensure your full comfort. A transducer device will be glided over the treatment area, delivering painless ultrasound pulses. Treatment takes approximately an hour or less; you will be free to relax as the UltraShape device works.

Is there visible scarring?

Since UltraShape does not involve incisions, the procedure does not leave any visible scarring. What’s more, ultrasound energy is used to target unwanted fat cells in the treatment area, all while leaving the surrounding skin (as well as nerves and blood vessels) unharmed.

Are there side effects?

Side effects are extremely rare. Unlike with other treatments, patients will not feel soreness or numbness after their UltraShape treatment.

How soon will I see results?

The initial results of UltraShape will become visible as early as two weeks after your first treatment session. You can expect to see the final and best results after your third session (approximately six to nine weeks after your first session).

Are results permanent?

Results with UltraShape are considered to be permanent because once the targeted fat cells are destroyed, they cannot return.

How can I maintain results?

To maintain your slimmer and more attractive physique, you should maintain a healthy and stable weight by exercising and eating a well-balanced diet.

How much does treatment cost?

The final cost of your UltraShape treatment will depend on several factors, including the number of sessions. Although three sessions are recommended, our team at Coastal Plastic Surgery Institute will determine the number you need to achieve the most desirable outcome.

More information about UltraShape can be found at UltraShape.com

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